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We are standing on prophetic words spoken over this church on numerous occasions. Each occasion was totally isolated from other preceding ones and those who prophesied also had no knowledge of one another.

Clive Pick – 2002

During 2002, a well-known speaker from England, Clive Pick, visited Durban to present seminars on financial freedom. The gathering in Amanzimtoti was due to be hosted by Rehoboth church but they were not able to accommodate all those who wanted to attend. They requested Kingsway to make our church facility available to them.

On the Friday evening, Clive explained that as he drove into Amanzimtoti, he became aware of what he described as a thick, dark cloud hanging over the town. It was almost like a thick cloud of smoke after a heavy fire had burnt.

Clive prayed and asked God about the meaning of this vision. He felt that God said that this cloud resembled a cloud of financial oppression and poverty that had been over Amanzimtoti for many years. God distinctly said that He is about to do something awesome in Amanzimtoti and will lift this burden of poverty and debt over the community. ”I am about to visit this land and reveal My divine glory.”

Clive explained that at that specific time he was moving between South Africa and Canada because he had felt that God was moving intensely in these two regions. In South Africa, it was Durban specifically. This was part of the reason why he had been with us at that time; it was a part of God’s divine plan.

He then prophesied: “I am about to do a great thing, says the Lord. It will be one of the greatest revivals to date and it will start in Durban.”

When Clive returned on the Saturday, he began by saying that he had to clarify some of what had been said the Friday evening. He explained that he had mistakenly said that the revival would start in Durban, but that God corrected him and that he should have said that it would start in Amanzimtoti. He continued and said that he was unaware of who the pastor of the hosting venue was, but he wanted to state very clearly that it was no coincidence that the seminar was being hosted at Kingsway. It is not because of the seating capacity, the air-conditioning or any other luxury! It is by divine appointment. It is all part of the divine plan that God has for this church (Kingsway).

Pastor Louis Blom – 2003

Pastor Blom was a guest speaker at an evening service in 2003. Just after he took the pulpit he explained that something awesome had just happened to him. He also stressed that he is not a prophet as such, but that he felt compelled to share the vision God had just given him.

In his vision he saw the ocean alongside Amanzimtoti. There were boats as far as the eye could see and each boat was overloaded with people. Some boats were arriving whilst others were departing.

“This vision pertains to a mighty harvest that will come from this church. Many thousands will be saved and many thousands of others will come from all over the world to see what God is doing in this place.”

Pastor Hennie Jacobs – 2004

During 2004, pastor Hennie Jacobs (who at that time was part of the Judea Harvest team), visited our church. Just before we exited the prayer room pastor Hennie began to prophesy saying: “Says the Lord: “My son, not a 2000 seater auditorium but at least a 5000-10000 seater auditorium is what you should build for me.”

Mike Young – 2005

During 2005, Mike Young, a christian businessman from Johannesburg involved with the Robin Good food distribution and feeding scheme projects, visited Amanzimtoti. The aim of his visit was to meet with Nico Janse van Rensburg to discuss AMCUP’s involvement with Robin Good.

During their meeting at the Spur, Mike Young enquired about Kingsway Church and what God was doing in our midst. He also distinctly enquired about the size of our sanctuary. Nico replied that our current church can seat 500 people. “This can’t be right”, Mike replied. ”I see something much bigger in the Spirit.” Nico then informed him that we are busy with plans for a 2000-2500 seater sanctuary. Mike replied”: Is that all? Tell your pastor he is wasting his time and money. God says: “Not a 2500 seater sanctuary but at least a 5000-10000 seater. That is what you should build for me says the Lord for I am about to do a mighty thing in your midst.”