Judea Harvest

Judea Harvest is an in international ministry that has been active in tent evangelism since 1998. Since inception we have been able to place in excess of 3000 tents into the field for the purpose of evangelism and tent planting.  Initially we only focussed on Southern Africa but later extended our reach into the rest of the African continent.

Kingsway was one of the first churches to embrace the Judea Harvest vision and strategy. Our involvement in evangelism in partnership with Judea has grown to such an extent that we have hosted a full-time Judea office for many years now. This office not only looks after the Amanzimtoti Satellite but acts as a Regional Judea office. One of the greatest tasks is to supervise the rotation of various tents that is active in the greater Durban and South Coast area.

We have a number of sub-departments within Judea;  all of these are facilitated from our Regional Office:

We are blessed with a passionate staff team:

  • 1.  TENT EVANGELISM: – Over the years we have placed many tents into the field.  Some tents we handed   over to power evangelists to use on a permanent basis.  Others were given for short term crusades.  The tents we use range between 100 seats and 350 seats.
  • Through a special subsidy program we are also able to supply pastors and evangelists with tents town at a much reduced price.  We are able to supply a good quality 150 seat tent for R17,000.00.
  • In rural and township areas tents are widely used for evangelism crusades as well as temporary and semi-permanent places of worship.
  • 2.  JOHN JOURNEY CHURCH PLANTING – In principle Judea harvest supports and facilitates church planting.  We have a specific strategy that we have implemented in many areas that we call the John Journey.
  • At the present moment we are running big initiative in the deep rural areas of the Valley of 000 Hills.  We are busy planting house churches throughout this area, particularly in remote part.
  • 3.  JUDEA TRAINING/TEACH EVERY NATION – Our training department has partnered with the ministry of Dr Bruce Wilkinson and Teach Every Nation.  We are currently establishing satellite training centres all over KZN where untrained pastors can receive a good form of training at reasonable cost.  TEN also empowers trained pastors and provides continuous development.  For more on the exciting training programs run by TEN please visit:  www.teacheverynation.org

We are blessed with a passionate staff team:

Jenny Brandenburg:  Administration & Finance – wes@kingswayministries.co.za

Pastor Pieter van Wyk:  Coordinator for Judea South Coast, Durban and Pietermaritzburg, Provincial Manager for Judea Training & Teach Every Nation, pieter@kingswayministries.co.za

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Ministry Contact Details:

Name: Pastoor Pieter van Wyk
Tel No: 0319041274/0826538916
Address: AFM Kingsway